Monday, September 22, 2008

more new cam

I've been really enjoying tooling around with all the manual controls and actually learning about all that stuff so the hummingbirds offer great practice...don't you stick your tongue out at me!

New camera

So we just got a new camera and it's the first one I actually tried to read the manual but I've been tooling around with it and so far it's soooo much better than the old is a shot of one of the local residents...enjoy. Sure it's not art per se but it's fun!

Bargue in progress

so this latest one is just with black paint not white. It's a little more difficult not using thinner (I gave that up a while back) and using alkyd instead to thin the paint but it's healthier that way... and it's all just drawing...I don't have much more to do but I'll give a while (I'm out of town soon) and then I look at it when I get back...


It's a long story of a found mouse whom we adopted, but here are some oil quicksketches...

Self Portait digital

So I attempted my first self-portrait sketch from life (as I do all my sps) in digital. I was severely backlit which made it very difficult for me to say the least but I persevered and at least for this sketch I didn't have much to clean up afterwards... ah the joys of practice..


I've been also trying different methods out with my bargue studies this one being black and white paint rather than the usual umber..

more plein air sketching

I went o a new place for me a while back and sweated in the shade...while I painted this in the sun..

All mixed up

so I've been using self portrait sketches to mess around with different style/techniques or whatever you want to call it and this one although maybe not the most accurate drawing did have some fun palette knife/brush mix.. and the lighting is always different...

Self-portrait bristle flats only

more sketching with flats and no blending


I've been tooling around with flats too and not blending so the following are some flats-sketches in oil. Skull in warm light

Forever and ever

Man, it's been a while and there's so much rubbish that I could post but I won't.. but here I'll post a few...starting with a landscape sketch I did a while ago...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Ain't no Fechin

Did this self portrait, again from life, but with the knife...and a teeny bit of brush.
It's hard to shoot knife paintings 'cause of all the reflections..
The model was fidgety, too...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Self portrait sketch in oil

This is the first self portrait in oil I've done. Did it from life (with the help of a mirror) .
Pardon the bad photo, my camera's grainy (but the painting IS loose and sketchy - about 2-3 hrs.

Bright, brights..and flats

Another oil sketch with brights and flats...trying to experiment

Portrait light effect

without elaborating too much this is a study pushing the effect of the light through it's color. That part worked but as a painting...oh well...that's a different story

More cast but tighter finish

took a little longer on this one, wet on dry so I could work on rendering...

Some cast sketching

Yet more outdoor sketching in oil

A hot but weird hazy day at Pipes

Some brush plein air...

I need to practice painting with a brush...not just a knife, this one is mostly brights

More bright sketches

Brights are fun but tricky 'cause the edge quality is harsh but it's all learning

Experiment with brights

I've been playing around with brights lately, quick metal study

It's been a while...since my last confession :)

Some palette knife plein air