Monday, March 28, 2011

Garlic Ying Yang

Couldn't think of an appropriate name so I called what it represents, light on dark vs. dark on light, sort of a flip flop notan thingy, if you will.

Anyway, a very similar approach to "Remnants" (see previous post). A tighter looking painitng but not rendered per se. To me rendering is simply tight application without regard to the scale of the product. So I only render if it is appropriate for the scale but in other areas where i can simulate the texture or detail while maintaining this tighter look without noodling I will do so. So the red-purple fabric has a combination of larger soft brushes and some size 0's for the right texture but the garlic on the other hand was all painted with a pretty fat filbert bristle. Scale is more important than rendering.

For me at least..

I will update the photo when I can take a more professional photo but I wanted to share this now.