Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some oil hand sketches

I didn't have easy lighting and I had to use my own hand (no photos- from life) was really difficult to paint one hand while using the other ..but it is what it is...

More fun ballpoint pen hands

More illustrative self portrait

Another self-portrait done in a much more illustrative manner


I did this self-portait with a the bit more realism in mind, learnt alot..

Brangwyn rules

I love Brangwyn - he had a great mix of structure and organic feel, very hard to copy for me but very inspiring...these are some oil sketches I made of his work

Some bodycolor sketches

A sample of some outdoor sketches with watercolor and white gouache

Zorn hands

I don't usually do this sort of stuff(i.e. copy other artists) but these hand studies were fun..

San Elijo lagoon

A fuzzy oil painting of the local lagoon

Metal mickey..

Another oil sketch trying to find how I like to paint - metals and enamel glaze in north light...metal is always fun;)

Hand doodles

I like to doodle my hands in ballpoint pen, I try different ways depending on how I feel..

Bargue 42

I've been chugging away at these for a while ( I mean Bargue plates in general), trying different materials and working procedures.

Just another oil sketch

A small sketch.. I don't really care personally for that ultra soft fine art look but finding what I want is easier said than done..a bristle sketch


No, I'm not vain but I'm the only model I have right now...I wish he was more cooperative...The likeness isn't great but it was fun knife sketch..

Major updates

Boy, time for a refresh....let's start with an oldy -Zorn palette self portrait (hey is that Vincent Price..?)